AIC focuses on two core business activities, financial consulting and human capital development. On financial consulting, AIC provides business plan services (including teaser & information memorandum), capital raising activities (for corporates, financial institutions, and regional governments), and financing & investment opportunities (for financiers & investors).

On human capital development, AIC offers preparation and review course for the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment -based qualification exams.

The following are more detail activities pertaining to financial consulting & human capital development activities:

Business Plan Services

AIC has experienced that one of major challenges for businesses to raise capital is the lack of capacity in preparing a document that could attract potential financiers and/or investors. This challenge in fact is not only faced by a small business but also by medium to large enterprises. In order to assist businesses in preparing documents necessary to raise capital, AIC provides services to prepare documents necessary for capital raising such as teaser, information memorandum, and business plan.

Cost & Timeline 
The cost for teaser, information memorandum, and business plan vary significantly depending on the complexity of the deal, the amount financing required, existing materials already had, and many others. Assessment on the cost will be done during the first free initial consultation on your business and capital needs.

Capital Raising Activities

AIC’s founder was an Islamic Banker with extensive international experience. In addition, its Advisory Board and Senior Partners previously worked for either international financial institution or international consulting company. Thus, we blend this international networking and consulting capacity.

AIC Team knows well what international financial institutions require before they can approve financing facilities. Some of them had the first hand experience in the Financing Committee of the international financial institution to approve multi-million US dollar deals. They understand the complete cycle of the deal from the origination of the fund, negotiation of terms & conditions, finalization of the agreement, to the disbursements of the funds.

In view of the above, we offer assistance for corporate, financial institutions (including private equity firms), and government & regional governments to tap into the world of global finance. We will be working closely with you in dealing with international financial institutions.

Working Mechanism, Fee & Timeline 
To enable us to start assisting our clients, we will initially request them to provide us with the company profile, the last three years of the Annual Reports, and short explanation on the planned use of the capital. We will review this document maximum within one week and get back to the client with the decision on whether or not we can move forward to assist them in raising the capital. If we decide to move forward, then; we will request the client to sign a mandate & engagement letter for AIC Team. Depending on the kind of the capital raising and its complexity, AIC Team will need to be given the mandate for at least one year. The mandate may need to be extended subject to the mutual agreement.

The success fee for AIC Team will be either a fixed percentage of the capital amount to be raised or a percentage share in the project and/or companies. The initial retainer’s fee of 5% of the success fee will need to be paid upfront upon the signing of the mandate letter. This initial retainer’s fee will be considered as part of the success fee and will also be used to pay for our service in preparing necessary documents for capital raising activities. Thus, it is ‘success fee’ deductible and is used to prepare some necessary documents critical to ensure the success of capital raising activities. In addition, to ensure our commitment to the capital raising exercise, we will use a portion of our success fee to participate in financing and/or investing in your business.

Financing & Investment Opportunities

AIC also offers cooperation for financiers and/or investors keen to finance and/or invest in Indonesia or overseas. AIC offers a variety of opportunities for financiers and/or investors to look into its networking with small medium enterprises, major corporations, and financial institutions.

So, if you are a financier and/or investor looking to finance and/or invest in a Shariah-compliant high potential business you can share your contact information and your investment and/or financing criteria to us. It is our policy to share only business opportunities suited to the investor. Hence, you may keep your criteria as broad as possible so that you will not miss any good opportunities. We will filter our clients and do our strict initial assessment of the eligibility of investment and/or financing opportunities against your requirements.

Within the above context, AIC in cooperation with one of its partners provides small medium to major investors with the opportunity to benefit from the high yields that can be made from the Oud oil produced from the managed plantations. This is an impact savings plan where you are invited to purchase parcels of feedstock supply units. The feedstock supply are managed by the company in dedicated managed plantations. The company buys them back from you when they reach maturity for an upfront agreed fixed buy back price. The good news is this savings plan provides you with high returns from 20% per year.

Human Capital Development

On our human capital development activities, AIC provides trainings in the area of Islamic Finance, Banking, and International Finance in general. In the area of training, AIC focuses in offering preparation and review course of CISI-based exams. The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) is the largest and most widely respected body for the securities & investment industry in the UK and in a growing number of financial centers globally. AIC is the Authorized Training Partner of the CISI. 

AIC has been an Accredited Training Partner of CISI since 2013. To date, AIC has been accredited to offer a Review & Preparation Courses for those who want to obtain a professional certificate in Islamic Finance, known globally as Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ). In addition, AIC is also offering courses in Fundamentals of Financial Services, International Introduction to Securities & Investment, and Fundamental of Islamic Banking & Finance (Pre-IFQ exam).

In offering the IFQ, AIC has cooperated with the Indonesian Banking Development Institute (Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia [LPPI]) and the Center for Accounting Development, the Faculty of Economics, the University of Indonesia (Pusat Pengembangan Akuntansi, Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis Universitas Indonesia [PPA-FE-UI]).

AIC has also provided in-house review & preparation courses for the Staff of Bank Mandiri wishing to take Fundamentals of Financial Services and International Introduction to Securities & Investment qualification exams. AIC is also now working to offer the Certificate in Corporate Finance & Capital Market Programme.